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The Chambal Safari Lodge combines the natural warmth of local homes with the comfort of modern amenities.

The Chambal Safari lodge offers twelve rooms.

There are eight independent cottages with private verandahs in the woodland around the restored Mela Kothi. The twin bedded en-suite rooms are comfortable, colourful, airy and spacious. Large windows allow fresh air and natural light into the rooms whilst the sloping roofs with canopies add warmth and charm.

The restored Mela kothi has two large well-appointed bedrooms with front and rear verandahs and access to the library across the pebbled courtyard. The period furniture and furnishings bring alive the stately grace of this heritage building and provide a tantalising glimpse into an earlier era.

There are two small and cosy bedrooms - a twin and a single - in the restored Stables nestling under the bougainvillea creepers.

The Lodge is located on a rural feeder line and the electricity supply can be very erratic. Generators deliver complete back-up in the mornings and evenings. We provide torches, candles and hurricane lanterns in all the rooms.

We have running hot and cold water. There are hot water geysers installed in all the bathrooms.
Our water source at present is deep bore wells at 220 ft and 440ft. Although showers are available in all the bathrooms, we recommend bucket baths, as an average shower utilizes over 100 liters of water, whereas bucket baths consume just 20 liters.

Our Meals:
The Lodge kitchens serve authentic 'home cooked' meals with fresh organically grown ingredients. Most of the produce is from our own farms or procured directly from the local farmers. Our recipes include local specialties that have been fine-tuned over generations.

Our Resident Wildlife:
The sprawling grounds of the Chambal Safari Lodge are home to numerous birds and small mammals. Evening Nature Walks around the Lodge, with our resident Naturalist, are the best time to go looking for Palm Civet Cats, Jungle Cats, Foxes, Jungle Hares, Fruit Bats, Hedgehogs and the Indian Striped Hyenas. With a checklist of over 180 birds, birding in the Lodge grounds starts with the 'wake-up call' of the Barbets & Babblers, and continues through the day with the birdsong of the hornbills, koels and treepies and well into the evening with the foraging fruits bats and hooting owls.
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